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Welcome to

Pine's Learning Center

Pine’s Learning Center provides a warm loving environment for your child and the best childcare in the northwest area of Houston.

Our Programs



0 - 17 months

Pine’s Learning Center’s goal is to provide the best love and care needed to help your child grow while feeling safe.



18 - 35 months

Our Pine-O-Neers toddlers’ program has been created to help our small ones discover their independence in a learning environment.

Little Learners Preschool

3 - 5 years

Our Pre-K 3 program will introduce several elements of preschool such as hands on activities that will foster the tools needed to excel in our Kinder Prep program


After School

5 - 11 years

Our after-school program strives to provide an entertaining environment that allows the students to decompress from school work and learn in ways that stimulate creativity and critical thinking.




5 - 11 years

Pine’s Learning center will extend learning outdoors by using a combination of educational games, outdoor exploration activities, and lesson plans created with Physical Education TEKS.

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